Contact / Screening

Safety and privacy is very important to me I do require screening for all NEW clients you can rest assure all information is kept private and will never be shared. Please keep in mind the verification process does take sometime last minute appointments are not available. I do not answer any questions until the verification process is done.


Contact me by completing the Booking Form below or by sending me an email with all of the following information:


- Name

- Age

- Race

- Occupation

- Phone number

- City of booking

- Date and time of booking

- Length of booking

- 2 references of established providers you have meet in the past year (please make sure to include their phone number and email, website and/or link to an ad that they have online).


NO references? NO problem! Employment verification is available all information is never shared and always kept private you have nothing to worry about.


Please make sure you include ALL the information above and let me know how you will like to get verified by employment.


*Please allow 2-3 hours for a response*


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